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Why do you need a privacy policy on your website?

One of the biggest mistakes that many website owners make is not having a privacy policy on their websites. One of the main concerns of consumers today is how their personal information is used after they have visited a specific site. In order to put your visitors’ minds to rest, you need a privacy policy outlining just how you use or do not use visitor information.

Your website's privacy policy is also your disclosure statement. This statement tells your visitors how their information will be gathered and used. This statement is used to protect your visitors. The problem that many website owners have in using privacy policies is that they simply take standard policies and paste them onto their sites. When you add a privacy policy to your website, it should be written specifically for your site. The problem with using borrowed information is that while these policies may well describe the practices of some websites, they may not describe the practices of your website. Your privacy policy should be completely correct. There simply is no room for inaccuracies in website privacy policies.

Regarding borrowed language from other sites, many website owners have found themselves in trouble using policies that they do not enforce. For instance, when you state that you “will not share information with any other parties”, you are misleading your visitors. Keep in mind that on the internet, there are many third parties with whom you may have to share visitor information. In fact, in order to simply operate your website you will gather information such as the visitor’s ISP address, bank account information or credit card information if you are selling products and the visitor’s physical address. It is important that you inform your visitors of these facts, even if it seems as if they should understand without seeing it written in black and white.

There are currently no federal laws that require site owners to include privacy policies on their websites. There are however, many areas that do have regulations about what you must include in a privacy policy should you add one to your site. You should do some research for rules and regulations set forth for your area to ensure that you are including all information that is required.

You can have your attorney, who knows about certain laws and regulations, to help you create your privacy policy. You can also have someone who has done these policies for sites in your area to guide you through the process. Make note of any special rules in your area to be sure that you include them in this policy.

The key to writing a good, not to mention correct, privacy policy for your website is to be sure that you list all facts about how your website collects, uses and/or shares visitor information with others. Full disclosure is always important when dealing with consumers. You need a privacy policy on your website to ensure your visitors and/or customers that you are completely legitimate and do everything within your power to protect their information.